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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): Complimentary access to selected issues or papers

The annonced periods of complimentary access to a number of RSC journals have ended, but the thematic collections still are free to read:
CrystEngComm: Computer Aided Solid Form Design; HOT articles published between October – December 2021; CrystEngComm HOT articles published between July – September 2022.
Catalysis Science & Technology: Photocatalysis; Asymmetric catalysis.
Green Chemistry: Marine-based Green Chemistry
Dalton Transactions HOT Articles published in Dalton Transactions between July – September 2022.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigators.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B Emerging Investigators.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C: Spiro compounds for electronics.
Materials Horizons and Nanoscale Horizons: Horizons Community Board Collection: Solar Energy Conversion; Horizons Community Board Collection: Antimicrobial materials and surface.
Nanoscale: Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage; Nanoscale 2022 Lunar New Year Collection; Nanoscale 2022 Emerging Investigators.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP): Festschrift Ivan Powis: Advances in Molecular Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Fundamentals & Application.
Polymer Chemistry: Molecularly Defined Polymers: Synthesis and Function.

Editor’s Choice Collection Beyond Li: Alternative battery chemistries - recent papers published in Materials Advances and Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

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