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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): Complimentary access to selected issues or papers

The annonced periods of complimentary access to a number of RSC journals have ended, but the thematic collections still are free to read:
CrystEngComm: Computer Aided Solid Form Design; HOT articles published between October – December 2021; CrystEngComm HOT articles published between July – September 2022.
Catalysis Science & Technology: Photocatalysis; Asymmetric catalysis.
Green Chemistry: Marine-based Green Chemistry
Dalton Transactions HOT Articles published in Dalton Transactions between July – September 2022.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigators.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B Emerging Investigators.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C Emerging Investigators.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C: Spiro compounds for electronics.
Materials Horizons and Nanoscale Horizons: Horizons Community Board Collection: Solar Energy Conversion; Horizons Community Board Collection: Antimicrobial materials and surface.
Nanoscale: Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage; Nanoscale 2022 Lunar New Year Collection; Nanoscale 2022 Emerging Investigators.
New Journal of Chemistry: HOT Articles published between July – September 2022.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP): Festschrift Ivan Powis: Advances in Molecular Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Fundamentals & Application.
Polymer Chemistry: Molecularly Defined Polymers: Synthesis and Function.

Editor’s Choice Collection Beyond Li: Alternative battery chemistries - recent papers published in Materials Advances and Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Themed collection New Trends and Challenges in Surface Phenomena, Carbon Nanostructures and Helium Droplets – Festschrift for Giorgio Benedek is now online and free to access until March 2023.

RSC Chemical Biology and RSC Medicinal Chemistry welcome papers for an online themed collection on ‘Molecular and nanotheranostics’. The deadline for submissions is 1 May 2023.
RSC Chemical Biology is a gold open access journal, however submissions for this collection will have their article processing charges (APCs) waived.

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