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International Union of Crystallography (IUCr): Complimentary access to selected issues or papers

Crystallography Journals Online provide free access to the full texts of certain types of article (CIF Applications, Prefaces, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Book and Software Reviews, Crystallographers, Notes and News, Addenda and Errata, and New Commercial Products), and to supplementary material (CIFs, structure factors and other structural data).
Also, there is a full list of open-access articles.
Also: Coronaviruses (2020) - the virtual issue presents articles and abstracts on coronaviruses that have been published in IUCr journals in 2002-2020.
Also: Proceedings of the triennial congresses of the International Union of Crystallography, IUCr.

Collaborative Computational Project Number 4 in Protein Crystallography was set up in 1979, and now CCP4 Study Weekend is the UKs largest Macromolecular Crystallography conference.
Acta Crystallographica Section D publishes proceedings of the CCP4 Study Weekends as special issues.
One may look up the special issues in the archive of Acta Crystallographica Section D and read articles for free. The special issues have a CCP4 mark in their names.

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