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Elsevier: Complimentary access to selected issues or papers

Six leading STM publishers made a next step in cooperation.
Elsevier, the American Chemical Society, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, and the Royal Society of Chemistry have extended their joint pilot until February 2023. The International Union of Crystallography has joined the initiative. Now researchers are able to search and browse leading Organic Chemistry and Crystallography (and Transportation) titles from the participating publishers, alongside Elsevier content on ScienceDirect.

SSRN is an Elsevier platform for the dissemination of early-stage research. SSRN is composed of specialized research networks in more than 65 disciplines.
The Chemistry Research Network - ChemRN and the Materials Science Research Network - MatSciRN are open access preprint servers that provide the opportunity to share different outputs of research such as preliminary or exploratory investigations, book chapters, PhD dissertations, course and teaching materials, presentations, and posters.
Individual authors, publishers and institutions may upload documents to SSRN.
All individual authors can upload their papers to SSRN for free. All papers uploaded by individual authors are available for download free of charge.
Publishers and institutions may charge users for downloading papers they post.

SSRN's Research Networks have rather interesting sections named First Look.
First Look is a partnership between SSRN and some of the journals to provide rapid, early, and open access to evolving scholarly research. When a journal has a First Look they are providing a service to submitting authors who want to share a preprint version of their papers. With one click during the submission process to the journal, authors choose to post a preprint version of their paper on SSRN where it is curated and disseminated through SSRN's established and expansive research communities.
The First Look participant in Chemistry Research Network - ChemRN is Ultrasonics Sonochemistry.
The First Look participants in Materials Science Research Network - MatSciRN are Acta Materialia, Inc. journals - Acta Materialia, Acta Biomaterialia, Scripta Materialia, Materialia.

Science Talks is a new Open Access video journal that publishes original, peer-reviewed scientific talks, tutorials and news and views from experts in the field.
Videos are accompanied by a manuscript that includes an abstract, all the figures, tables and references presented in the video as well as the video transcript.
No publication fee until 31 December 2023.

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