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RADIOISOTOPES - Articles (1952-present) [PDF] | The Japan Radioisotope Association | Japanese; references in English.

Radioprotection - (1966-2018) [PDF] | radiation protection and radiological protection | Societe Francaise de Radioprotection | EDP Sciences | French, English.

Reactions - (2020-present) | MDPI.

Research Journal of Chemical Sciences ( Res. J. Chem. Sci. ) - (2011-present) | International Science Congress Association, India.

Research Journal of Environmental Sciences - (2007-present) [PDF, HTML, XML] | Academic Journals Inc., USA.

Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology - (2007-present) | Academic Journals Inc., USA.

Research Journal of Phytochemistry - (2007-2019, 2021) | Academic Journals Inc., USA.

Resources Chemicals and Materials (RCM) - (2022-…) | creation, production, characterization and economics of fossil fuels, organic wastes, ores, and secondary platform intermediates like syngas, methanol, metal oxides and CO2 | Shenyang University of Chemical Technology; Elsevier.

Results in Chemistry - (2019-present) | Elsevier.

Results in Materials - (2019-present) | Elsevier.

Results in Pharma Sciences - (2011-2016) | online only, open access journal | Elsevier.

Reviews on Advanced Materials Science ( RAMS ) - Articles (2000-2018) | Advanced Study Center Co. Ltd. (St.Petersburg, Russia).

Revue de physique et de chimie et de leurs applications industrielles - Archive volumes (1896-1897,1899-1901) [PDF] | French.

RNA - Articles (1995-...(1 year embargo)) [PDF] .

RSC Advances ( RSC Adv. ) - (2011-present) | online journal covering all of the chemical sciences, including multidisciplinary and emerging areas | Royal Society of Chemistry.

RSC Chemical Biology - (2020-present) | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Russian Journal of Earth Sciences - Articles (1998-present) [HTML, PDF, EPUB] | Translation of Rossijskij zurnal nauk o zemle.

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