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Publisher's Full-Text Resources, Trials, and Temporary Open Access to Full Texts

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Check up the News & Comments page for the latest announcements of trials.

American Chemical Society

Free access from journals' Home Pages to:

  • First Pages of all articles published in the journal in 1995 or earlier.
  • Supporting Information - all.
  • ACS AuthorChoice - OA articles.
ACS Editors’ Choice (2014-...) - free public access to new research of importance to the global scientific community. One new article from any ACS journal is designated as ACS Editors' Choice each day and these articles will remain open for all to access and read.

ACS Symposium Series. The first chapter in every book in the archives and the current year edition is available for all visitors to view, as well as the introduction and the image section where available.

The publisher's Open Access journals:
ACS Central Science,
ACS Omega.

New journals provide temporary access to full texts of a selection of papers:
ACS Applied Nano Materials - Sample issue (v.1 No 1, 2018) and Articles ASAP,
ACS Applied Energy Materials - Sample issue (v.1 No 1, 2018) and Articles ASAP,
ACS Applied Bio Materials - to be launched in July 2018.


All Elsevier's online journals are listed on the ScienceDirect portal.
As a rule, issue #1 of the current year is free for non-subscribers.

At present the publisher grants a complimentary access to selected issues of the following chemical journals:
Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry - Volume 45, Issue 12 (2017),
International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science - Volume 4, Issue 1 (2013) to Volume 4, Issue 4 (2013),
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena - Volume 220 (2017),
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology - Volume 41, Supplement 1 (2017) and Volume 44 (2017) to Volume 45 (2018),
Vibrational Spectroscopy - Volume 91 (2017).

Note. A number of Elsevier's journals are permanently accessible. You will find them in the alphabetical ABC-Chemistry Directory.

Institute of Physics (IOP)

Free content: IOPselect - articles from the last 12 months that have been chosen by editors for their novelty, significance and potential impact on future research.

(The complete list of IOP journals is here).

Royal Society of Chemistry

(Free content for registered users)

RSC's journals grant a short-time (3-4 weeks) free access to Hot Articles published in the latest issue.
The best way to discover the current trial is to visit the journal's blog and look for the appropriate announcement.
All blogs are listed on the Blogs from RSC Publishing page.

Most of journals provide free access to selected volumes published in 1997-1999.

Also, the following free content is permanently available:

  • the first two volumes of all new journals since 2008,
  • the first issue of each volume of all journals back to the year 2000,
  • sample chapters of RSC eBooks,
  • Open Access journals: Chemical Science, RSC Advances (available without the need to login)
  • RSC Open Science articles (available without the need to login).

RSC Journals is the home for all current and archived titles.


All Springer's online journals are listed on the SpringerLink portal.

Open Access journals are listed on the page SpringerOpen | Journalz A-Z. Chemical OA journals are present in our alphabetical Directory.

Physics Reading Room provides free access to selected publications in physics. The content is updated every 2 months. Free registration is required.

Taylor & Francis

Open Access Article Collection - Open Access articles in Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science, published in 2013-2016.
Science & Technology Classic Archives Article Collection (...-1996) and Science & Technology Modern Archives Article Collection (1997-2006) - archives of Most Read papers.
TIME Collection: Physical Sciences - papers on exciting dates in history related to Physical Science.


All journals are listed in the Wiley Online Library.

As a rule, every journal provides free access to issue #1 of the current year.
Sample Issues may be accessed from journals' Home Pages.

Free selected issues:
Journal of Chemometrics - V.31 #8 (2017) Special Issue: WSC-10: 10th Winter Symposium on Chemometrics; V.24 #7-8 (2010) Special Issue: Proceedings of the 11th Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics, SSC11; V.13 #1 (1999).
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology - Sup.1 (2010).
Journal of the American Ceramic Society - ##1, Sup.1 2009.
NMR in Biomedicine - Special Issues (1998-2007).

Institutions can opt to receive complimentary online access for the journals:
Advanced Materials Interfaces,
Batteries & Supercaps,
Separation Science Plus,
Polymer Crystallization
, etc.
More info on the subject - on the publisher's site.

Check up the News & Comments page for the latest announcements of trials.

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