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Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal - (2009-present) | King Saud University, Saudi Arabia | Elsevier.

Scanning Microscopy - Several issues that did not appear in print (1997-1999) [PDF] | Scanning Microscopy International.

Science - Research Articles, Reports (1997-...(1 year embargo)) | registration required | American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS;
Archive: (1880-1922).

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials ( Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater. ) - (2000-present) [PDF] | IOP Publishing.

SCIENCE CHINA Chemistry (Science in China Series B) - Articles (1996-present) [PDF] | Chinese Academy of Sciences.

SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences (Science in China Series E) - Articles (2000-present) [PDF] | Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Science of Sintering - (2002-present) | behaviour of powders and similar materials during consolidation processes; thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanism of sintering and related processes | International Institute for the Science of Sintering, Beograd, Serbia.

Science Progress - (2001-2006) | review journal in science, technology and medicine | Science Reviews 2000 Ltd, UK.

Scientia Pharmaceutica - (2006-present) [PDF] | English, German | Austrian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Scientific Reports ( Sci. Rep. ) - (2011-present) | online open access journal | all areas of the natural sciences — biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences | Nature Publishing Group.

Scientific Research and Essays - (2006-present) [PDF] | Academic Journals | research in science, medicine, agriculture and engineering.

Scientific World - (2007-2014) | multidisciplinary annual journal of science and technology | Nepal.

SEIBUTSU BUTSURI KAGAKU - Articles (1951-2011) [PDF] | Japanese Electrophoresis Society.

Sensors - Articles (2001 - present) [PDF] | Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) .

Shigen-to-Sozai - Articles (1989-2006) [PDF] | Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan.

Soft Matter - Issue #1 of each volume (2005-present) [PDF] | free registration required | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Soft Nanoscience Letters ( SNL ) - (2011-present) | nanostructured polymers, nanocomposites, physical gels, microemulsions, surface/interface modification, etc. | Scientific Research Publishing.

Solid State Phenomena - Articles (Free: first page only) (1999-present) [PDF] | Online journal. Proceedings, research papers, e-preprints.

Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology - Articles (2002-present) [PDF] | interdisciplinary | Prince of Songkla University, Thailand | Thai, English.

South African Journal of Chemical Engineering - (2000-2003, 2011-2015) [PDF].

South African Journal of Chemistry - Articles (2000-present) [PDF].

Spectroscopy - Articles, Columns, News (2002-present) [HTML, PDF] | published by Advanstar Communications, Inc.

Spectroscopy Europe, Spectroscopy Asia - (latest issues) | IM Publications.

SpringerPlus - (2012-present) | a new open access journal in all disciplines of Science | original research, case descriptions, methods, data reports, datasets | Springer.

Structure - Articles (1995-...(1 year moving wall)) [HTML, PDF], Supplementary content (1999-present) | Elsevier | biochemistry, structural biology.

SYNFORM - (2014-present) [PDF] | People, trends, and views in synthetic organic chemistry | Available as part of the online editions of SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT and SYNFACTS | Thieme Chemistry.

SYNLETT - Accounts and Rapid Communications in Synthetic Organic Chemistry - Free section: Spotlight (characteristics of reagents and their importance in current research, chosen by postgraduates) (1999-present) [HTML, PDF] | Thieme Publishing Group.

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