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Recent developments in science and education ( Sovremennyie problemy nauki i obrazovania ) - (2005-present) [PDF, HTML] | interdisciplinary | Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH).

Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( Dopovidi Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Ukrainy ) (2007-...(1 year embargo)) [PDF] | Russian, Ukrainian.

Rossiiskii himicheskii zhurnal ( Russian Chemistry Journal ) - Articles (2000-2008) [PDF]; also: selected papers (1998) [HTML].

Russian Journal of Textile Chemistry ( Textilnaya khimiya ) - Articles (1997-1998) [PDF, HTML] | selected issues | Abstracts in English.

Scientific notes of Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University. Series Biology and Chemistry ( Uchionyie Zapiski Tavricheskogo Natsionalnogo Universiteta im. V.I. Vernadskogo) - Articles (1995-present) | interdisciplinary | Simferopol, Ukraine.

Setevoi Obrazovatelnyi Zhurnal ( Net Educational Journal ) - Articles (2004) | in 1995-2001: Sorosovskiy Obrazovatelnyi Zhurnal.

Sorbtsionnye i hromatograficheskie protsessy ( Sorption and Chromatographic Processes ) - (2008-present) | Voronezh State University; Russian Academy of Sciences.

Sorosovskiy Obrazovatelnyi Zhurnal ( Soros Educational Journal ) - Articles (1995-2001) | in 2004: Setevoi Obrazovatelnyi Zhurnal.

The News of Altai State University ( Izvestia Altaiskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta ) - Articles (1996-present) | Abstracts in English.

The Science and Innovations ( Nauka i innovatsii ) - (2009-present) [the whole issue is in a single PDF file] | latest discoveries, state policy in the field of innovations, etc. | specialized magazine of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.

Ukrainian Biochemical Journal - (2013-present) [PDF] | Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Uspekhi biologicheskoi khimii ( Biological Chemistry Reviews ) - Articles (2000-present) [PDF] - annually | Russian academy of sciences.

Uspekhi Khimii (English edition: Russian Chemical Reviews ) - (1960-2012) | Russian Academy of Sciences.

Vestnik BSU. Ser.2. Chemistry. Biology. Geography. ( Vestnik BGU. Ser.2. Khimia. Biologia. Geografia ) - Articles (2006-2015) [PDF] | Proceedings of the Belarusian State University.

Vestnik Magistratury ( Proceedings of Magistracy ) - (2011-present) | each issue is in a single PDF file | multidisciplinary | Colloquium Science Publishers, Mari El Republic, Russia.

Vestnik of Orenburg State University ( Vestnik Orenburgskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta ) - Articles (1999-present) [PDF] | interdisciplinary.

Vestnik of Samara State University - Natural Science Series (Vestnik Samarskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta - Estestvennonauchnaya seria )- Articles (1995-present).

Vestnik of the Foundation for Fundamental Research ( Vestnik fonda fundamentalnyh issledovaniy ) - (2009-present) [the whole issue in a PDF file] | news; announcements; lists of grants; scientific reports | multidisciplinary | journal of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research.

Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN ( Vestn. Otd. nauk Zemle RAN ) - Articles (2009-2014) [PDF] | e-journal | Communications of the Earth Sciences Section of the Russian Academy of Sciences | former title: Vestnik OGGGGN RAN.

Zhurnal nauchnykh publikatsiy aspirantov i doctorantov ( Journal of Scientific Papers of Ph.D. and Sc.D. Students ) - (2006-present) [HTML] | interdisciplinary.

Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki (English version: Technical Physics ) - Articles (1988-present) [PDF] | Abstracts in English.

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