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Microscopy and Analysis - (2007-present) | Wiley.

Microscopy Microanalysis Microstructures - (1990-1997) | publication of the Societe Francaise des Microscopies | EDP Sciences | metals, semi-conductors, inorganic materials, ceramics, etc. | Continued by The European Physical Journal - Applied Physics in 1998. | English, French.

Mineralogia - (1970-2020) | formerly: Mineralogia Polonica | Mineralogical Society of Poland.

Mineralogical Journal - (1953-2000) [PDF] | Mineralogical Society of Japan.

Modern Applied Science - (2007-present) | Canadian Center of Science and Education.

MolBank - Short notes and communications (2002-present) [HTML] | A subjournal of Molecules in 1997-2001, a separate journal since 2002 | MDPI, Switzerland.

Molecular and Cellular Biology - (1981-...(6 months moving wall)) | American Society for Microbiology.

Molecular and Cellular Proteomics - Articles (2002-present) | American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Molecular Biology and Evolution - (1983-present) | Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Molecular Biology of the Cell - (1992-...(3 months moving wall)) [PDF, HTML] | former title: Cell Regulation - (1989-1991) [PDF].

Molecular BioSystems ( Mol. BioSyst. ) - Issue #1 of each volume (2015-2017) | research at the interface between chemistry and the -omic sciences and systems biology | free registration required | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Molecular Brain - (2008-present) [HTML, PDF] | BioMed Central.

Molecular Cancer - (2002-present) [HTML, PDF] | BioMed Central.

Molecular Cancer Research - Articles (2002-...(1 year embargo) [HTML, PDF] | American Association for Cancer Research.

Molecular Cell - Articles (1997-...(1 year moving wall)) [HTML, PDF] | biochemistry | Elsevier.

Molecular Cytogenetics - (2008-present) [HTML, PDF] | BioMed Central.

Molecular Interventions - Articles (2001-2011) [PDF, HTML] | American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Molecular Medicine - (1994-...(1 year embargo)) [PDF, HTML] | archive at PubMed Central | Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at North Shore LIJ.

Molecular Microbiology - Full content (1997-...(1,5 years embargo)); MicroReviews (2007-present) [HTML, PDF] | Wiley.

Molecular Neurodegeneration - (2006-present) [PDF, HTML] | BioMed Central.

Molecular Pain - (2005-present) [PDF, HTML] | BioMed Central.

Molecular Pharmacology - Articles (free after 12 months after publication and remains open for 5 years) | American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Molecular Systems Biology - (2005-present) [PDF, HTML] | European Molecular Biology Organization.

Molecular Vision - Articles (1995 - present) [HTML, PDF] | online journal in molecular biology, cell biology, and the genetics of the visual system.

Molecules - Articles (1997-present) [PDF] | synthetic organic chemistry and natural product chemistry | MDPI, Switzerland.

Molecules and Cells - Articles (1990-2008, 2014-present) [PDF] | Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology.

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