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Clinical Biochemist Reviews - Articles (2003-present) [PDF] | Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists.

Clinical Chemistry - Articles (1955-...(1 year moving wall)) [HTML, PDF] | American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

CNS Drug Reviews - (1997-2007) [PDF] | title changed to: CNS: Neuroscience & Therapeutics in 2008 | Wiley-Blackwell.

Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal - Articles (2006-present) [PDF] | interdisciplinary | Published by Columbia University.

Combinatorial Chemistry - an Online Journal - (1998-present) [HTML, PDF] | short reviews featuring papers accepted for publication in relevant Elsevier journals.

Comunicata Scientiae - (2010-present) | Federal University of Piaui, Brazil | Agrarian and Biological Sciences, Chemistry incl. | English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Condensed Matter Physics - Articles (1993-present) [PDF, PS] | Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Croatica Chemica Acta ( Croat. Chem. Acta ) - Articles (1990-present) [PDF] | Croatian Chemical Society.

CrystEngComm - All issues (1999-2001); Issue #1 of each volume (2002-present) [PDF] | solid-state and crystalline materials | free registration required | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Current Chemical Genomics and Translational Medicine - (2008-present) | former title: Current Chemical Genomics | Bentham Science Publishers.

Current Contents - Citation Classics (1977-1993) [PDF] | One-page retrospective commentaries to classic papers.

Current Science - Articles (v.1 1932 - present) [PDF, DJVU] | Current Science Association in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences.

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