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Chemical Journal on Internet - Articles (1999-2009) [HTML] | Chinese, English | National Natural Sciences Foundation of China + Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Chemical Science ( Chem. Sci. ) - All issues (2010-2011; 2015-...); Issue #1 of each volume (2012-2014) [PDF] | findings of exceptional significance from across the chemical sciences | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chemical Science Transactions ( Chem Sci Trans ) - Articles in Press, Papers (2012-present) [PDF] | e-ISSN 2278-3318 | WWW Publications (P)- India.

Chemical Senses - Articles (1996-...(1 year embargo)) [HTML, PDF] | all aspects of chemoreception | Oxford University Press.

Chemical Society Reviews ( Chem. Soc. Rev. ) - All issues (1997, 1999); Issue #1 of each volume (2000-present) [PDF] | free registration required | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chemical Speciation & Bioavailability - (1998-2007) | interactions between the chemical forms and behaviour of toxic compounds and their subsequent biological uptake, metabolism and ecological fate | Science Reviews 2000 Ltd, UK.

Chemical Technology ( Chemine Technologija ) - Articles (2011-present) | Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania | Lithuanian, English.

Chemicke Listy - Articles (1997-present) [PDF] | Association of Czech Chemical Societies | Czech, Slovak, English.

Chemija - (2007-present) | Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Chemistry & Biology - Articles (1995-...(1 year moving wall) [HTML, PDF] | Elsevier

Chemistry Central Journal - Articles (2007-present) [PDF] | all aspects of research in chemistry | Another site at SpringerLink.

Chemistry Education Research and Practice ( CERP ; Chem. Educ. Res. Pract. ) - Articles (2000-present), Advance Articles [PDF, HTML] | free registration required |; (2000-2004) [PDF] | all levels of chemistry education | Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chemistry for Sustainable Development - Articles (2000-2013) [PDF] | Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch | Russian, English.

Chemistry in industry - Kemija u industriji - (2006-present) [PDF] | Croatian, English | Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers.

Chemistry in New Zealand ( CiNZ ) - (2005-...(1 year embargo) | New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.

Chemistry International - Full issues (2001-2007); Selected articles (1997-2013) [PDF, HTML] | News about IUPAC, its publications, recommendations, conferences and commissions | International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Chemistry Letters - Partial access: Open Access Articles (2005-present) [PDF] | Chemical Society of Japan.

Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science Preprint Archives - Preprints (2000-2004) | free registration required | former location: Chemistry Preprint Server on ChemWeb.

Chemistry of Metals and Alloys ( Chem. Met. Alloys ) - (2008-present) [PDF] | Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine.

ChemistryOpen - (2012-present) | open access, international journal | all areas of chemistry | articles; additional feature: Thesis Treasury - short summaries of PhD theses with a link to the full version | Wiley-VCH and ChemPubSoc Europe.

Chemistry World - [HTML] | latest chemistry news with references to primary literature | magazine | Royal Society of Chemistry.

ChemoBio Integrated Management - Articles (2005-2010) [PDF] | ChemoBio Integrated Management Society, Japan | Japanese, English.

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